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In 1974 I was living in Wales when rock around the clock by Bill Haley was re-released

well I never heard this before and indeed that kind of music and who is this guy called Bill Haley? I was only 14, it was explained to me by a welsh lady that it was rock'n'roll from the 1950's however it wasn't until a couple of years later when i moved to London that i hooked up with a kid called Joe in school who was a young ted, we became friends and around his house he would play his dad's rock'n'roll music and the bug bit me as they say. in 1977 i went to my first rocking club in Wembley called the Hopbine where dj fifties flash was spinning the wax nearby in Neasden there was the cavern and the bobby sox, the royalty in Southgate and the lyceum with the wild wax show and many more. so my journey into rocking music and it's lifestyle began and it's still in my blood today some 36 years or so later. (click on the link below to listen to rocking jamboree)

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